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Shar and Gene Dukart,


Ribbon Cutting

Shar Dukart is an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a passion for overall wellness, fitness, and all things spa. She also thrives on planning events such as wellness workshops, spa parties and weddings. Shar spent five years dreaming about owning a fitness and wellness spa, accumulating ideas along the way, before it became a reality. Her many years of gymnastics experience and coaching led her to bungee and aerial silk fitness. She is certified as the first Fly Bungee Fitness and Fly Fit Aerial Fitness Trainer in North Dakota. After graduating from Napoleon High School, Shar went on to become a Master Cosmetologist, then earned a degree in Business Management from Bismarck State College. She is married to Gene Dukart, owner of GD Cabinets and Construction and you will see that Gene’s craftsmanship is evident throughout the YOUvitalize facility. In her spare-time, Shar enjoys camping with family and friends and spending time with her husband, son Brian, and two grandsons, Gavin and Holden. She has dedicated YOUvitalize in remembrance of her daughter Brittany, who was a fabulous Master Cosmetologist and Nail Tech. Shar’s goal is to provide a positive, fun, no judgement, community atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and is excited to get fit, stay healthy, and melt away the stresses of the day.


Meriya Shrestha,

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Meriya Shrestha is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She received in-depth training in nutrition, health, and wellness from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Meriya is a loving mother of two, married to a Physician, and has also worked as a Physician herself in the past. She became a Health Coach to fulfill her desire to work with individuals to improve their health and wellness. She is also interested in “Integrative Medicine”, as she sees importance of integrating complementary medicine, such as yoga, meditation, exercise, and nutrition into conventional medical care. Meriya offers individual health and nutrition coaching based upon individual needs.

Tara Dukart,

Health Coach, Habit-Setting Coach

Tara Dukart knows how challenging it can be to make changes to habits & routines, especially if they’ve been years or decades in the making. Stress, past hurts & struggles keep us believing things that hold us captive and negatively affect our thoughts, words, actions & relationships. Tara believes everyone has the right to experience optimal mental, emotional, physical & spiritual health. Although all people are perfectly made in the image of God, some of our actions & habits are not.  An effective coach can help you identify necessary habit & thinking changes and help you hold yourself accountable to your goals, much like a personal trainer. Tara is an International Holistic Management Educator, Speaker & Coach. She & her husband own & operate, where they work to improve health through faith-based, holistic approaches & decision-making. Tara is a former middle school teacher & current homeschooling mother of 3. She is passionate about helping women, parents & families improve the effectiveness of their communication, implement balance in their priorities &  routines, and make appropriate changes to their diet or lifestyle choices to feel better, sleep better & improve quality of life.

Schedule a complimentary conversation with Tara to explore a personalized coaching option for you.

Rachelle Evitt

Massage Therapist, Applied Kinesiology/Body Talk Practitioner, Cryoskin Therapist, Health & Weight Loss Coach

Rachelle Evitt is a licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Applied Kinesiology/Body Talk Practitioner, and Cryoskin Therapist. Rachelle is also extensively trained in Health Coaching and CARE Center Aromatherapy. Rachelle utilizes techniques that address Acute and Chronic Pain issues using  both Energy Balancing and Massage. Energy Balancing sessions in Applied Kinesiology/Body Talk apply unique, time proven methods that improve the body’s innate ability to heal and repair. Based on the scientifically proven idea that discomfort and disease is caused by past or current stress of body, mind, or emotions.  Hot Stone Massage, Targeted Massage, Lomi Hawaiian Massage, and Raindrop Aromatherapy also available. Rachelle is from Williston and is open for appointments at YOUvitalize every other Sunday and Monday.

Garnet Schatz

Wellness Practitioner,            Holistic Iridologist,                  Master Herbalist,                  Applied Kinesiologist,          Nutrition and Wellness  Educator, Certified Light Therapist, Heart Rate Variability, BrainTap


Garnet has studied health for many years, which has helped her regain her vibrant health after a serious health challenge. She is a mother of five, grandmother or seven, and has a passion for helping people improve their health and wellness so they can live with the joy that God intended. As a Nutrition and Wellness Educator, she offers classes and sessions on a variety of topics, from healthy alternative food options, to reducing stress and ways to improve overall wellbeing. Garnet can help you understand and assess levels of your health with sessions of Heart Rate Variability, Holistic Iridology, and Applied Kinesiology. Sessions with the BrainTap and In-Light Therapy can promote deep relaxation, which is essential for healing. Reduce stress and pain, increase circulation with In-Light Therapy, Electro Reflex Energizer, Euro Shaper, BrainTap and detoxify with the Ionic Detox Foot Bath. Garnet has an extremely holistic approach to life and believes that the body can heal itself as it releases emotional, physical, and psychological stress and negative energies, and make positive and consistent changes in thought and nutritional practices. Garnet is very grateful to be associated with YOUvitalize, which is dedicated to promoting natural, alternative healing as well as bringing people together in positive fellowship.




Shar got her Cosmetology training from RD Hairstyling College here in Bismarck and  went on to became a Master Cosmetologist.  While she does do hair and nails, Shar loves doing facials the best. She has always loved pampering people to help them relax and rejuvenate. Her favorite facial to do is the Ultimate Luxury Facial where she gets to pamper you from head to toe. She believes that with all the stress in our lives, it is important to take time for yourself, so you can be the best you can be for your family and those around you. Her goal is to help you leave feeling relaxed, renewed and refreshed!

Neera Thapa,

Threading Specialist

Neera received her cosmetology training in Nepal and then owned and operated her own beauty salon for six years before moving to the U.S. She specializes in the art of designing eyebrows and removing unwanted facial hair by using the threading technique. She believes the eyebrows are the single most important feature of a face and she enjoys finding the perfect shape that aligns with every aspect of your facial profile. She performs all facial threading procedures with a focus on eyebrow shaping and correction in both men and women. She strives to perfectly shape your eyebrows and also provide the best chemical-free alternative to waxing and tweezing of facial hair removal.

Fitness Instructors

Shar Dukart,

Bungee Fitness, Iso Body Tone, Gentle Yoga, Strength & Balance, Candlelight Stretch

Shar has a passion for health, fitness and overall wellness and she loves to help her clients become the best version of themselves. Her many years of gymnastics and coaching led her to bungee and aerial silk fitness. She trained in Minneapolis in 2017  and is certified as the first Fly Bungee Fitness Trainer in North Dakota. She is also an AFAA Certified Group Exercise Instructor. Shar feels that if you don’t love working out you won’t stick to it, so she strives to make every class  an enjoyable experience!

Leslie Livengood,

Bungee Dance Fit

Leslie is a work-at-home mom of three. She owns and is the sole photographer at Leslie Livengood Photography. As most moms she has a busy schedule between spending time with her husband, Paul and kids on top of running her own business. She found the best way to keep herself fit while having fun is during Bungee Fit at Youvitalize. Leslie has a background in teaching developmental gymnastics and dance. She was also a dancer for a local football team and has a passion for keeping fitness fun and exciting!

Stephanie Hammes,

Bungee Dance Fit

Stephanie is a wife and the mother of two beautiful girls. She works for Sanford Health in Clinical Information and enjoys Musical Performance and Dance in her spare time. Her years of dance experience led her to YOUvitalize where she gravitated to the Bungees. Stephanie did her Bungee training under Shar Dukart and finds her Bungee workouts to be a great way to stay fit and healthy. She enjoys helping her Bungee clients get a great full body cardio workout while having fun at the same time!

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