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For those looking to treat themselves to relaxation and rejuvenation, let YOUvitalize provide YOU the opportunity to truly get YOUniquely revitalized.

Gift certificates available in any amount. Call today at 701-415-0350 or stop in at 3320 Hamilton Street, Bismarck, ND 58503

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2 days ago


😁Bungee schedule:
-Monday @ 5:30 pm
-Tuesday @ 12:10 pm
-Thursday @ 6:00 pm
-Friday @ 12:10 pm
-Saturday @ 11:15 am

Prices are $20 per class or you can get reduced per class prices with packages of 10 or more, intro offers available on the MindBody app. sign up for the class ahead of time online or by calling to reserve your spot. #bungee #youvitalize #bismarckfitness #fun #bungeefitness #bungeedance #healthandwellness #newyearnewyou #bounce #relax #health #wellness #newyearsresolution #bungeefit
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3 days ago


The surprising benefits of Infrared Sauna! Burn calories, improve brain function, lower risk for heart disease & remove harmful toxins from your body. Read on, from Dr Steven Masley, MD, contributing physician to my Health Coach Certification.

“The heat is relaxing and refreshing, without being too hot. It’s an escape from stress and distractions. Any muscle pain begins to disappear.

Another benefit from sauna use is weight loss. You’re passively losing weight (one study shows that 25 minutes in a sauna is calorically equivalent to 25 mins on a stationary bike!).

You know that when you sweat you lose water weight, but I do not count water loss as weight loss.

What is cool is that sweating burns loads of calories, and the calorie burn from the act of sweating is what helps burn away body fat!

A sauna won’t replace the benefits of exercise, (I still want you to keep exercising!) but it will complement the physical activity that you are doing, and help your muscles relax as well. I’m finding that it is super nice to take a sauna and relax after a good workout.

Regular sauna use also has three other big benefits:

1. People who use a sauna regularly have less risk for memory loss

2. People who use a sauna regularly also have far less heart disease—taking a sauna is good for your heart! Studies with people with heart disease and even heart failure show far better outcomes with regular sauna use.

3. The sweating from sauna use also helps you detoxify and remove toxins”

Contact YOUvitalize today and schedule a few warm minutes to better your health and wellness!
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4 days ago


Saturdays Class Schedule:

Hip Hop Fit - 9:15 am

Iso Body Tone - 10:15 am

Bungee Fit - 11:15 am

Hula Hoop Dance - 12:15 pm

Call or sign-up on the Mindbody app or to reserve your spot in a studio fitness class. #hiphopfit #isobodytone #bungeefit #bungeedance #bungeefitness #hulahoopdance #youvitalize #healthandwellness #bismarckfitness #healthspa #bismarckbungee #mindandbody #relaxation #fitness #bungee
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4 days ago

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5 days ago


😁Need a Fun way to get your cardio in? Try our Cardio Dance class w/ Nikki! Thursdays @ 4 pm. Sign up on the MindBody app or Call to book your spot! 701-415-0350. More information on schedule and services available at ... See MoreSee Less

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